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'This is a business that believes in people'


At Whitbread we look to bring the very best talent into our business and do everything we can to ensure they stick around. As the UK’s leading hospitality company, we’re in the fortunate position to offer incredible careers and industry-leading development opportunities.

In the latest in a series of posts highlighting just how expansive career moves are within Whitbread, VIVIANA TUCCILLO talks us through her journey so far.

As three-time amateur boxing champion, Vivianna doesn’t shirk from anything but when she began her career with us in October 2012, some people might have thought she was fighting a losing battle.

“I’d arrived in England with just €200 and my dream – to run a hotel here, just as I had done at home in Italy,” she said. “My friends thought I was mad for leaving Naples to go to a country where I didn’t know anyone and barely spoke the language. But I was up for the challenge and, at worst, I thought it would improve my English!”

Croxley Green Premier Inn was her first port of call, before a spell at Watford Central as she rose up the ranks towards her goal of becoming Operations Manager. That dream became reality at Bricket Wood.

“I took up my first OM role and was now responsible for housekeeping, the hotel and recruitment – it asked a lot of me and in turn I asked a lot of the team,” she said. “We were raising standards and that takes time and hard work – but I gave it back to my team with cross training and development opportunities, just as I’d received.”

While her team carried on learning and developing, Vivianna was no different and her inquisitive nature lead to a Support Centre move.

“As my knowledge of how we operate grew, I became more interested in what was going on behind the scenes,” she explained. “So I contacted the Revenue Management team and offered my perspective as an OM. When I found out exactly how the rates of our rooms were set I was fascinated and I developed a desire to improve my analytical skills, which would require another career move. A role in the Rev Man team became available and was advertised on the intranet. I pitched the idea to my Regional Operations Manager and explained – ‘I know our product inside out, I can bring something to this’. She supported me and I began my 6-month secondment in June 2015.”

Vivianna excelled and, within 10 days, the role was made permanent. However, as much as she enjoyed being in the team, something was missing.

“I’m Italian, we thrive on face to face interaction! I had gone from being an OM – which was all about my people, to a role where numbers were everything. Deep down what I wanted was to combine both.”

The opportunity to do that came following a conversation with her HR Business Partner who put her in touch with the Head of Insight and a new goal was set. Roles in HR and Customer Insight followed before her career took another turn.

“Something I heard from a few people moving through the business was ‘you’d be a great Project Manager’. I looked into what it would take and it was clear I required a ‘Prince 2’ qualification. I’d had so much faith put in me up to this point, I felt empowered enough to put a business case forward for Whitbread sponsoring me to do it and my HR Director agreed!

“With my new qualification, in October 2018 I got the job as PM on Amadeus – a market-leading reservation system we’re launching into our hotels. In some ways it feels like a long way from my first day in Croxley Green but the work I’m doing on Amadeus will have a huge impact not just the hotels I worked in but every single hotel across Premier Inn.”

For Vivianna, the backing of the business has given her the confidence to push on. Coupled with her own desire to learn and develop, she has taken the opportunities that have come her way and is keen for others to follow.

“I tell people that Whitbread is a home with many doors for you to go and find your opportunity,” she said. “Every department I’ve wanted to explore has led to something. Whether it’s been a role, a conversation or experience – the chances are there but you have to make it happen. You can’t just sit around; make connections, make a positive impact and drive change. There’s always extra curricular activities going on at Whitbread – get involved and widen your circle. This is a business that believes in people – believe me, I've lived it.”



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