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We’re not just the largest hospitality business in the UK. We’re also one of the fastest growing. And with new Costa stores, Premier Inns and restaurants opening up every day, the opportunities for developing your career with us are endless. If you want a future worth getting excited about, this is the place to be. 

We know it’s our people who make our brands. We look to bring the very best of talent into our business – and do everything we can to ensure they stick around. Give us confidence, commitment and real customer focus, and we can offer you excellent benefits and all the training and development opportunities you’ll ever need. 

We value our people highly at Whitbread. Why? Because our business is defined by its exceptional brands, and it is our people’s commitment to building and growing these brands that keeps us at the leading edge.

Here you’ll find a group of people who work hard for each other, succeed together and know they’re part of something special. Each individual’s contribution is recognised and respected, and we make sure everyone gets the opportunities and support they need to succeed.

You’ll also discover a level of customer focus that other companies struggle to match. Our customers are the reason we’re here, and we put them at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Genuine 
    We genuinely care about our customers
  • Confident 
    We strive to be the best at what we do
  • Committed 
    We work hard for each other

Growing at Whitbread

We have a refreshingly different take on career development at Whitbread. In most places, it’s only ever about the next step on the ladder. But we think there are all kinds of ways you can potentially develop your career. Whether you want to move across to a new department or try something completely different with another of our well-loved brands.

Throughout your time with us, there will be endless opportunities for you to gain new experiences, perspectives and angles. So whether you want to move across to a new department or try something completely different with another one of our well-loved brands, you’ll be supported all the way. It’s your turn to move on.

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Our People

We’re proud to be home to such well-loved brands, but what makes us even prouder is that it’s all down to the passion and ambition of our people. Whether a customer is dining in, sipping on or checking out, everyone at Whitbread puts them right at the heart of everything they do. It’s only right then, that we put our people at the heart of everything we do. 

"Whitbread is all about people. We work extremely hard to create an engaging environment for our 45,000 employees, ensuring our people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities and progress at the fastest possible rate in order to fulfil their potential." 

Louise Smalley, Group HR Director

What we offer

Rewards and recognition. Opportunities to develop and grow. The chance to build yourself a long and varied career doing something you really love. Just some of the things we can offer you here at Whitbread. Find out more about the benefits of joining us. 

Helping people achieve their dreams

We want Whitbread to be a place where people’s skills and careers grow as fast as we do. A place where everyone has the opportunities to develop and achieve their dreams.

Feeling recognised and rewarded

We like to give everyone who works for us a little bit extra over and above their pay. We also have an amazing recognition culture at Whitbread, so if you perform well there are always plenty of awards, prizes and bonuses up for grabs. Some of the benefits we offer include:

Employee Discounts

Each member of the Whitbread team receives exclusive discounts across all of our businesses – our way of giving you that little bit more. Every time you visit one of our Premier Inns, restaurants or Costas, you’ll enjoy a discount of at least 25% (and up to 50% off a stay in Premier Inn).

Recognition & awards

Encouraging and investing in our teams is at the heart of our culture. We offer a range of incentives to ensure that all of our teams benefit from the success of our business as a whole.

  • Everyone gets to share in success through a variety of national and local incentive schemes
  • We give out loads of awards to our highest-performing people and teams
  • Prizes include an all-expenses paid trip at the end of the financial year
  • Generous bonus schemes for managers based on hotel or regional performance.


Sharesave scheme

Each of our team members have the chance to invest in the future of our business, and benefit from the success of Whitbread. Our Sharesave scheme gives employees the option to invest through a savings plan over a fixed period, and then purchase Whitbread shares at a significant discount.

Whitbread Pensions Scheme

Everyone at Whitbread is entitled to a bright future – and we’re not just talking about your career. Whilst it may seem like a long way off, to help everyone get the most out of their retirements, we have a generous company pension scheme, which all team members can choose to opt into.

Health & Wellbeing

Supporting our people’s wellbeing, and that of their family, is at the top of our list. Depending on your role within Whitbread, you’ll have access to company sponsored health cover for you or your family, or to discounted private healthcare schemes for you and your family.

To help further, all Whitbread employees can take advantage of a range of other healthcare benefits as well, including receiving significant discounts on dental insurance and regular health assessments.

Employee Assistance Scheme

Whitbread is committed to supporting and helping all of our teams when facing challenges or problems either at home or at work – and as such, have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider, in partnership with Hospitality Action.

The service is free to use, totally confidential and completely independent of Whitbread, and covers everything from helping our team members to manage their working life, through to providing counselling for helping to overcome personal challenges.

Company Car

Available to Cluster General Managers and some managers within the Support Centre who need it for their role.

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