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'A career tailored to me'


At Whitbread we look to bring the very best talent into our business and do everything we can to ensure they stick around. As the UK’s leading hospitality company, we’re in the fortunate position to offer incredible careers and industry-leading development opportunities.

In the latest in a series of posts highlighting just how expansive career moves are within Whitbread, DANIEL COLLINS talks us through his journey so far.

Bringing the real you to work at Whitbread is a fundamental part of our core values. After all, we believe that if you’re being genuine, confident and committed you’ll excel in putting our customers at the heart of our business, keeping us as the UK’s leading hospitality business.

What makes you unique can even open doors, as Daniel Collins found out when a wardrobe choice one morning helped change his career path forever. In 2015 the Hub story began – a bold, cutting edge hotel for guests looking to stay in the heart of the city and the team were looking for new members to for our first site in Covent Garden. Daniel explained: “The Area Manager and Operations Director for Hub were having a tour of the Contact Centre office where I worked, telling everyone about the new brand about to launch.

“They gave a talk explaining everything about the brand, what it stood for and the kind of people they needed to launch it successfully and pulled me out as someone who had the 'cool' look of a Hub team member.

“I was wearing a red, stripy number - I’ve always loved my clothes and my fashion! I followed up with them, using the shirt comment as an ice breaker and we went on to talk about my career plans. There was an opportunity to spearhead this new hotel concept as a Team Leader and they urged me to apply. The chance to work in London appealed to me and by now I was totally sold on Hub as a brand too, I wanted to be a part of this exciting new chapter for Premier Inn.”

Daniel had started with us four years earlier: “I was part time at Whitbread in the Contact Centre as a Central Reservations Agent, just looking for a bit of extra money around my studies. I knew I wanted to complete my A-Levels but I was keen to push on with a career rather than go to university.

“I enjoyed the job but the possibility of how far I could go within in the business was lost on me at 16. However, it didn’t take me long to figure out the size of the operation meant that I could do a lot here.”

A move to Guest Relations followed, before fate bought Hub into his life and a chance of an Operational role. As Team Leader, Daniel was now responsible for training up the team, helping establish Hub with our guests and thrived. Within 6 months he was urged to apply to become Assistant Manager and the rise to Hotel Manager was complete 12 months later when he was chosen to open the new Tower Bridge Hub.

“It felt amazing,” he said. “I walked in on the first day with the keys and just felt ‘I can make this place my own’. New site, new team – we had challenges but we more than met them. We were the first Hub to hit all our targets, the place was an amazing talent pool. So many of the team used it as a springboard for their careers which was great to see.”

Eight months in, and looking for an opportunity closer to home, a position as a manger in the team he joined as a teenager presented itself and Daniel was intrigued. “When I was an agent I’d think ‘if I was a manager, I’d do this…’. To go back and make a real impact appealed to me – and it meant I’d keep the buzz I got in Ops. Whether it’s a hotel lobby or a busy floor at the Contact Centre, I love a vibrant, busy, bustling environment.”

History repeated itself again when a year later, Daniel moved across to Guest Relations for a second time. “I really like turning guest perceptions around,” he said. “Guests call with a problem and we resolve it, changing their mood and restoring their faith in the brand.

“The Contact Centre’s changed, no doubt, in the time I’ve been away. It’s such a high calibre of agents now, all dedicated and driven and, certainly for me, that’s always been the culture at Whitbread. You go above and beyond for our guests and our teams and, in return, the business develops you. Of course you have your own set goals to achieve, but you’re always aware of the bigger picture and the part you play.”

We have a refreshingly different take on career development at Whitbread - we think there are all kinds of ways you can potentially develop your career. Whether you want to move across to a new department or try something completely different with another of our well-loved brands, just like Daniel. Throughout your time with us, there will be endless opportunities and you’ll be supported all the way. Go to for our latest live vacancies.




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