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Apryl, Deputy Hotel Manager, Ware Premier Inn


Getting back into the working world after a while, or embarking on something new later in life can be daunting. Fear, self doubt and questioning whether it’s even possible is holding people back from starting a new chapter in their life. At Whitbread, we want to turn around the negatives and help you change your story – both the stories you tell yourself about lack of confidence, ability or employability, and your future ambitions too. You’re at the best place to #ChangeYourStory, with the UK’s leading hospitality business.


“I’ve worked for Premier Inn for 19 and half years now and while the ‘job’ here has taken on many different forms as my life has changed, Premier Inn has been the constant throughout and I feel really proud to have worked here for so long. That’s because I feel looked after and I’ve repaid that faith shown in me. I’m good at what I do and the business has always recognised this. 

“It all began when I left college as a teenager. Premier Inn Enfield had just been built and the new hotel was welcoming when I went in to enquire about working there.

“What followed was 11 years establishing the hotel as a real favourite of our guests. I’d joined as a Team Member but had become Team Leader, Duty Manager and, for a time Meeting Room Co-ordinator. I’d moved around roles easily, picking up new skills and always felt supported. 

“I made some friends for life at Enfield. In fact I worked with so many people, no two days were the same – but the core of people I met at Enfield I still see now. That friendship group all still work for Whitbread in one shape or form! Two in Support Centre, one in Restaurants and the rest of us in different hotels across the UK.

“While at Enfield I had the first of my two children, and his birth changed everything. I was a mum now and after 9 months maternity leave wanted to return but equally, wanted work to understand my new circumstances. While I was still committed to Premier Inn, I had Reece at home and I was a mummy.

“I was able to come back and do part time. I did early shifts as that fitted into my new routine and was able to pick up where I left off. Supportive management played a massive part in squashing any fears I might have had. The management were friends as much as anything at Enfield, it was a great team.

“My daughter came along two years later and again, shifts needed to fit in around my life. Premier Inn has always understood the work/life balance. Honestly, sometimes it felt that the schools didn’t understand that parents work! So it helps when the company you work for appreciate you’re a mum and things like sports days and parents evenings are vital events that you want to attend.

“As much as I loved Enfield, I moved to South Mimms Premier Inn. The site was a challenge and I needed it. Actually two of us went and we joined up with a friend who had started with us at Enfield but was now an Operations Manager. It was a really positive – there was hosting and bar work which added to my experience. But, after four years, when the chance to join the team at Ware came up, it was perfect. I lived 10 minutes away from the site, which suited me and my family.

“Now my children are well into their schooling, it’s freed up some more time for me. I increased my hours and became a Deputy Hotel Manager. I’ve learnt so much - the deeper insight into the running of a successful hotel is fascinating.

“As for what’s next, who knows? I live in the now, and who knows what the future holds. I’m not ruling anything in or out. If I want to become a Hotel Manager the option is there. There’s no limit at Premier Inn, if you want it – go for it. I’ve seen it happen for lots of people and I might go down that route – but it’ll be when it suits me. 

“For any mum looking to get back into work, I’d say come here and see it for yourself. If you’re worried about the time away from your family at key times – we have shifts to suit everyone. If you’re worried about working with new people – we are made up of lots of different people including other mums and dads and we will become your second family! If you’re thinking you lack the skills – we will train you. So come into your Premier Inn and let’s chat.”

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